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Warning: Contains Wombats

Fire Mouse totally got the best accessories. - Ursula Vernon

Terncoat - The puns! I kill me. - Ursula Vernon
TerncoatThe puns! I kill me. - Ursula Vernon

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Everybody probably knows by now that I like concrete. Cracked and crumbled concrete textures make me all giddy and giggly and inclined to twitch. I wish there was a way to visit downtown Detroit without fear for my life, but hey, them’s the breaks.Previously, my love affair with concrete has always been a digital one. But t’other day, somewhat at random, I decided to try getting some background textures by breaking the rules of how one is supposed to apply gesso (sand between coats, my ass!) and got something that looked a good bit like concrete. This excited me to no end. So I did what I always do when faced with a cool texture—I put a chameleon frog on it. ‘Cos you can hardly ever go wrong with a frog. - Ursula Vernon

The high mountain crags are home to that majestic creature, the Bighorn pear. The nimble pears somehow traverse the steep rocks without slipping and falling to their doom, and few fructovores can reach them in their chosen home. In the fruiting season, male pears often engage in vicious stem-butting contests, and the crack of horns (and squish of fruit) resounds through the mountains. Here, a male pear keeps watch over a female pear and a pearlet (the stem will fall off as the young pear matures.) - Ursula Vernon

The nice thing about webcomics is that when the creator does something you want to strangle them for, you have the button right there to send them angry letters. If you feel the need, go ahead–I may start a thread over at my blog for this, since it’s hard to have a discussion in the comments here, and I think people may want to talk about this at length. All that I ask is that you try not to spoiler–this is probably the only REAL spoiler of the whole comic, so…err…use your best judgment, guys.
But,well–if you are going to do great and terrible things, you must be prepared to pay a great and terrible price. Some characters come to you carrying their deaths with them, and I’ve known for a very long time that Ed was mortal and that it was beyond my limited powers to change. (The writer is often not nearly so in charge of the story as you might thing.) So I gave him the best end I could.
And if you still need to send me angry letters, feel free. It’s cool. I understand. -Ursula Vernon

"Come on, we just need to get up this tree and we’ll be able to see where we are in this accursed forest. Grab my tail."
"I dunno, Spike," said Errol glumly. "Something feels wrong."
"You’ve thought something was wrong since we got off the boat. "This doesn’t look like Italy," you said. "I thought Florence would have more buildings," you said." Spike gave an explosive snort.
Errol felt like pointing out that, after three days of hacking their way through the jungle, it most definitely was NOT Italy, and in fact he would swear that those natives Spike had claimed were a rare Moorish sect had actually been lemurs—but there was really no arguing with Spike when he was in one of those moods.
Besides, he was more worried about the sound that seemed to be coming from somewhere….it sounded almost like breathing… - Ursula Vernon

Still fooling around with the Day of the Dead style imagery, in a bright, rather silly style, with obligatory chicken. I want to make more of the little shrines, but I’m still trying to nail down how to do the center imagery, and that means you get odd little stylized skeletons. And chickens. This is a wee little miniature piece at 3.5 x 5. I love the idea of the ACEOs things—you know, the little artist trading cards of original art—but there’s one main problem. I can’t work that small! This is as miniature as I can get, and it’s twice the size of a standard ACEO. Oh, well. We can only do what we can do. For the record, I don’t own a beret, or one of those palettes. I do have the black turtleneck, though… - Ursula Vernon

The mourning dove variant of the common rabbird is a mild-mannered creature which primarily eats seeds and grass. Found mostly at the edges of woods and fields, it can be found in small flocks and mated pairs. It lays two to three small blue-green eggs, and makes a soft cooing noise that is lovely for about the first five minutes and then you want to hit it with a brick. - Ursula Vernon

The voodoo doll hadn’t expected anybody to remember its birthday, let alone to get it bunny slippers… - Ursula Vernon