Past The Town Of Strange

An archive of Ursulav arts, quotes, fan flailings, and other things she may leave lying about.
Warning: Contains Wombats

So I took this workshop with Michael DeMeng, who is one of the best assemblage artists working today, in my humble opinion, and came home with a Dremel in my hand and a mad light in my eyes. (Also a hangover. The workshop was in New Orleans. I think I’m in crawfish withdrawal.)This is the first thing I’m managed to construct—“Bombus” is the Latin for the humble bumblebee genus, a group suffering serious declines, like many pollinators, so I felt the need to build a little shrine to this underappreciated bunch. Original is 7 x 7.5, made of picture frame, wire, drawer handles, nails, screws, random bits, something that I think was a toy wagon wheel once upon a time…well, that’s assemblage for you.  - Ursula Vernon