Past The Town Of Strange

An archive of Ursulav arts, quotes, fan flailings, and other things she may leave lying about.
Warning: Contains Wombats

I sometimes think that the less important the issue, the stronger my opinion tends to be. I have nothing much useful to say about, oh, religious tension in the Middle East, but I’ll do two hours on sloppy thinking in cryptozoology,* and if you ever really want to push me into a killing rage, tell me you think they faked the moon landing on a sound stage in Vegas.Another of my weird little autobiographical nuggets. That odd creature is my cat, Ben, who’s been stylized and sterilized, but not necessarily in that order. - Ursula Vernon
*I’m all for cryptozoology in theory, I just wish it wasn’t so damn flaky in practice. Seriously, guys, sometimes a dead basking shark is just a dead basking shark.