Past The Town Of Strange

An archive of Ursulav arts, quotes, fan flailings, and other things she may leave lying about.
Warning: Contains Wombats

A traveller across the Serenghetti, coming to a river crossing in the heat of the day, may well find themself captivated by one of nature’s most magnificent sights. Roots held high, horns gleaming in the sun, leafy tails trailing in the water and red flanks glistening with sweat and dust, the vegetables pass in a small herd, crossing the river at the shallowest point. Largest of the vegelope family, capable of standing off a pride of onions, wildebeets at the ford. 
Okay, okay, it was a quick piece, I had the idea this morning and wanted to get it down, so it’s just a loose but entertaining bit ‘o silliness in Painter 7, in the Weird Fruit family. - Ursula Vernon